Le Germain Hotel Montreal emerges anew after a major transformation

Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Senécal



Germain Hotels announces the official reopening of Le Germain Hotel Montreal, after a bold transformation that took a full year and required an investment of over $30 million. Guests can now enjoy a stay that is tailored to their needs, while enjoying the latest trends in design and amenities.

Photo credit: David Boyer
Photo credit: David Boyer

From the hotel rooms to the lobby, restaurant and meeting spaces, Le Germain Hotel Montreal has been reimagined from top to bottom. In addition, six new floors were added to the top of the building, increasing the number of rooms from 101 to 136.

Opened in 1999, the hotel on Mansfield Street used to be the former headquarters of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, constructed during one of the metropolis’ most iconic years: 1967.

Photo credit: David Boyer
Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Senécal

It is this landmark birth year, a year of excitement and optimism in Montreal, that inspired the architectural firm LEMAYMICHAUD in its transformation of the premises. Featuring curved lines and molded plastic juxtaposed with softer accents of wood, the hotel invites guests to discover a design that is brilliantly inspired by the sixties, yet with a decidedly modern flair.

Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Senécal
Photo credit: Jean-Sébastien Senécal

New suites were designed in the same spirit, including a fully equipped apartment suite located on the 18th floor, boasting a terrace offering a striking panorama of downtown Montreal. The new floors also include a fitness centre with breathtaking views of the city. It is equipped with all the latest fitness equipment, including intelligent stationary bikes and the "Mirror" training mirror, a state-of-the-art amenity that enables personalized interactive training.

Photo credit: David Boyer
Photo credit: David Boyer

To host guests’ meetings and events, the hotel now offers three inspiring spaces, including a creative lounge. The novel layout of this venue that makes it ideal for informal meetings. It also features a Samsung Flip digital board, a practical amenity that enables manual notetaking and presentation projection.

Photo credit: David Boyer
Photo credit: David Boyer

Le Boulevardier Restaurant and Flâneur Bar Lounge

At the helm of Le Boulevardier restaurant, renowned chef David Pellizzari offers a menu inspired by Parisian brasseries. With the restaurant’s unique view of President Kennedy Avenue, diners will want to linger longer. Flâneur Bar Lounge, located in the lobby, offers three great gourmet pleasures: coffee, bubbles and oysters. Now and for a limited time, the "4 à Huîtres" event is also the perfect excuse to sidle up to the bar between 4p.m. to 8p.m. from Wednesday to Saturday.

Photo credit: David Boyer
Photo credit: David Boyer

Guests can enjoy freshly shucked oysters at $2 each, accompanied by a variety of bubbles at $12 per glass. Imagined by Atelier Zébulon Perron design firm, the restaurant and bar are all about elegance and contrasts, boasting rich materials such as velvet, leather and marble, as well as a skillfull play of mirrors.

Technical sheet
Materials: Original concrete, marble, walnut, copper, steel, chrome, leather, velvet.
Project Name: Le Boulevardier Restaurant / Le Flâneur Bar Lounge
Project Site: Le Germain Hotel Montreal, 2050 Mansfield St., Montréal, Québec H3A 1Y9
Surface area: 8000 sq ft (743 m2)
Project type: Lounge, Bar, Restaurant
Design: Atelier Zébulon Perron
Completion: December 2019

Zébulon Perron (Lead designer), www.zebulonperron.com
Catherine Landry
Andréanne Guillemette
Anik Mandalian
Sabrina Camiré

David Boyer
Jean Sébastien Senécal

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